• Nature

    Watch out for Wood Ticks

    Hiking Blue Lake, Ontario

    Oh the lovely wood tick. Luckily they are not year round in Manitoba but when we near spring I can’t help but think of those dreaded ticks. A walk in the bush is not as simple as it sounds during this season. You must consider what you’re wearing and constantly be checking to make sure none have climbed up your clothing or worse into your hair! If you have not experienced wood tick season let’s just say it frightens a lot of children. Growing up my friends would freak out if they found one attached to their skin. They vowed never to venture out into the yard for fear of getting their blood sucked. I…

  • Nature

    Squirrel Bridge Trees

    Squirrel Bridge - The Forest Fairy

    Riding through the forest on the trike we would often encounter fallen trees usually after a storm. Dad would yell out “duck” and make sure we didn’t get bonked on the head from these low hanging branches. We encountered these trees so often that we came up with a name for them. Squirrel Bridge Trees. These trees were found snapped in half but never detached completely. They wouldn’t break but instead bend and create a seamless arched tree that sometimes crossed over our trail. Those were the ones I’d imagine the woodland creatures, especially squirrels, scurrying over to cross safely to the other side. I figured during the day the…

  • Fashion

    The Fox Craze

    My Fox Collection - The Forest Fairy

    You may have noticed an increase in fox popularity recently. There’s been quite a wave of trendy forest critters over the last few years. For many a year the owl has been seen in fashion, accessories, stationary, home decor, jewellery and pretty much everywhere. I think the owl is still going strong but it’s slowly being over taken by the Fox.