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    Christmas traditions I’ll carry on forever

    Each year Christmas traditions are celebrated and new ones begin. I’m a huge fan of tradition and taking notice to the things my family has done year after year. I’ve learned that the decorations we display, food we make, gatherings we attend and even the music we play during the holidays is what makes our celebrations unique and memorable. Now that I have a home of my own I’ve started my own traditions and of course brought along the most special ones that will always make my Christmas special. Here are some I’d like to share with you. Picking out a real Christmas tree A real Christmas tree is the longest tradition I can…

  • The Forest Fairy Irish dance solo dress by Craggane Designs

    The Forest Fairy Irish Dance Solo Dress – The story behind the symbols

    Irish dancing is very special to me and I’ve been dedicated to it since 2010 when I signed up for my first lessons. I’ve progressed further than I would have ever thought especially since I started so late in life. A background in ballet gave me a good foundation since a lot of the positions and steps are the same just named differently. Sprinkle some fairy dust!Facebook7TwitterPinterest0Tumblr0email

  • Lennart Helje

    The Swedish Tomte – Scandinavian Folklore

    Last weekend I took a lovely trip to Fargo with my Mom to go shopping. Our first stop was Stabo Scandinavian Imports to get our fill of all things Swedish. I couldn’t help but notice all of the Tomte decorations and gifts for sale and it made me want to learn more about these little guys. Sprinkle some fairy dust!Facebook18TwitterPinterest0Tumblr0email