• fairy flowers that welcome fairies into your garden
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    Flowers that Attract and Welcome the Fairies into your Garden

    It’s spring and it’s time to start planting your Fairy Garden! I’ve compiled a list of the flowers that welcome the fairies and wee folk from my previous fairy garden. These flowers also attract other winged creatures like hummingbirds and butterflies. Pretty soon your garden with feel and smell magical! Sprinkle some fairy dust!Facebook2.4kTwitterPinterest98Tumblr0email

  • Lessons from the Forest
    Books & Poetry

    Lessons from the Forest Book

    During 2014 I posted a series of blog posts called “12 Things I Learned in the Forest.” These stories were so fun to write and really gave me a chance to reflect on my time growing up in a forest. Each story featured a lesson that helped me grow into the person I am today. At the time these little adventures didn’t seem like a lesson but more of just a fun day out in the woods with my family. Now that I’m older I’ve found a lot more meaning in those early evening walks or Sunday afternoon hikes down our forest trail. Sprinkle some fairy dust!Facebook6TwitterPinterest1Tumblr0email

  • Foxgloves - Flower of the Fairies
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    Foxgloves and Fairies

    When I first began my fairy garden in 2006 I knew right away that I would plant foxgloves in it. The purple and speckled bell shaped flower oozed magic to me. Without having done any research on types of flowers that attract fairies I believed that the foxglove had this ability. Sprinkle some fairy dust!Facebook17TwitterPinterest6Tumblr0email

  • Manitoba Showy Lady Slippers

    Delicate Lady Slippers

    Of all the wild flowers in our forest the Lady Slipper is by far the most beautiful, rare and just plain magical. I would not know about these flowers if it weren’t for my Mom and the incredible Lady Slipper she had photographed in our forest when I was little. She loved the photo so much that she had it framed and it still hangs on the wall at home. Remember this was well before the digital camera and Photoshop! Her understanding of light and shooting clean was amazing! The first sign of the Lady Slipper was usually early summer and on our walk through the forest we’d check the…