• Fashion

    Spring Stroll Outfit

    Spring Stroll Outfit

    Like many others I’ve been awaiting the arrival of spring for what seems like forever. It continues to snow on and off and the snow is still all here. But recently I’ve started to see patches of grass and critters playing about. I think spring is finally around the corner! I’ve been so used to putting on the same warm fluffy sweater for so long I can’t even remember what it’s like to put on lighter clothing. Not having to wear socks with my shoes is something I still can’t do but maybe in the next month.

  • Nature

    Losing an Earring in the Forest

    Lost and Earring in the Forest

    You know the saying “It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack” right? Well losing an earring in the forest is very much like that. If you look down at your feet while taking a walk down any forest path what do you see? Assuming it’s not winter of course because you’ll most likely only see snow. Any other season you’ll probably see a giant mess of grass, leaves, twigs, moss, rocks, tree roots, mud, acorns, berries and every other type of greenery you can imagine. Sometimes I think of it as forest confetti just sprinkled all over the ground. When walking it’s important to watch your step and…