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    Forest Markers

    Forest Markers

    There are people who have great attention to detail and notice things that others most likely would overlook. I’m one of those attention to detail people. It’s a characteristic that I can thank the beautiful forest path for. The forest is always changing but certain things remain the same and those are the details I’d remember. The shape of a tree or a rock formation would remain the same even throughout the changing seasons. I’d use these constant shapes as trail markers. It helped me know how far a long the trail we were and what was coming up next. Walking down the trail there would be one section shortly…

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    Spring Stroll Outfit

    Spring Stroll Outfit

    Like many others I’ve been awaiting the arrival of spring for what seems like forever. It continues to snow on and off and the snow is still all here. But recently I’ve started to see patches of grass and critters playing about. I think spring is finally around the corner! I’ve been so used to putting on the same warm fluffy sweater for so long I can’t even remember what it’s like to put on lighter clothing. Not having to wear socks with my shoes is something I still can’t do but maybe in the next month.

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    20 Fairy Books You Should Read

    My Fairy Book Shelf

    My bookcase contains a lot of fairy books. Surprised? 🙂 I’ve collected fairy books for many years and my library has grown quite a bit. Some of my books have been found at thrift shops and during my travels in Ireland. I’m always looking for new ones to add to my shelf and would love if you could suggest some new ones for me in the comments.

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    The World from the top of a Rock

    Big Rock Winter 2010

    The landscape in my neck of the woods is flat and you can see the sky go all the way to the ground. There are few trees until you meet the tree line and then the further you go east the scenery drastically changes. The house I grew up in was located right where the trees met the prairie so I had the best of both worlds. You would not describe the landscape as rocky or hilly. Very much the opposite but there were boulders scattered here and there left behind by the glaciers. The province of Manitoba was once completely under water during the prehistoric times so it’s not…