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Happy Valentine’s Day my Deeries

Wishing you all a very magical and happy Valentine’s Day! My hunny buns surprised me with a fox stuffy, pancake breakfast and chocolate this morning! Woo hoo! How did you celebrate?

My Foxy Valentine
My Foxy Valentine

It’s so sunny outside today but incredibly cold. -42C with the windchill is not fun and I’m starting to rethink if I’ll go ice skating now. My toes will be frozen before I even hit the ice! But on the bright side the birds have returned and are feeding at my new little bird feeder I hung up earlier this week. I’ll tell you more about my little bird adventures coming soon.

I also got a little inspired and created a special Valentine just for you! “Happy Valentine’s Day Deer” I had a little chuckle over this even though it’s nothing you haven’t heard before I’m sure. You can download the graphic if you like and share it with all your faery friends!

What do you think of my Valentine’s card? Would you like to see more of this at The Forest Fairy?

Have a beautiful day faeries! Believe *~


Happy Valentine's Day 2015


Sprinkle some fairy dust!
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