Happy 2015 Faeries!

Oh my dear! It’s 2015 and I’m ready for another great year of adventures! I’m feeling more creative than ever and I’ve made lots of goals for this new year. I love making a list and trying my best to follow it throughout the year.

  • Film videos of forest adventures I go on. This will hopefully motivate me to get outside and enjoy time to just take a good forest bath!
  • Release my “Lessons from the Forest” eBook. Ooh exciting!
  • Record my fairy inspired music. This one is the toughest as I need a good chunk time because I like to start a song and see it to the end in one session.
  • Add items to my Etsy shop. Finally!
  • Update my blog template to a more custom design. This also takes me forever to decide what I like. LOL.

I think that most of these are very realistic and I’ve found writing out my goals and putting them out there to the world makes me feel like I really mean it. Hope all of you reach your goals this year too!

2015 will hopefully be another creative year at the Forest Fairy. My new motto is to always keep growing. If you keep working at something long enough it’s sure to get better and better. I love working on The Forest Fairy and combining my love of Faery folklore and my design skills. It helps me professionally develop and practice my skills as well as have fun with a subject that is so dear to my heart.

Hope your year is filled with sunshine, laughter, love, trees and always believe*~

(The Forest Fairy)

Sprinkle some fairy dust!
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