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    Happy 2015 Faeries!

    Oh my dear! It’s 2015 and I’m ready for another great year of adventures! I’m feeling more creative than ever and I’ve made lots of goals for this new year. I love making a list and trying my best to follow it throughout the year.

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    The World from the top of a Rock

    Big Rock Winter 2010

    The landscape in my neck of the woods is flat and you can see the sky go all the way to the ground. There are few trees until you meet the tree line and then the further you go east the scenery drastically changes. The house I grew up in was located right where the trees met the prairie so I had the best of both worlds. You would not describe the landscape as rocky or hilly. Very much the opposite but there were boulders scattered here and there left behind by the glaciers. The province of Manitoba was once completely under water during the prehistoric times so it’s not…

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    Karate Kicking Tree Stumps

    Hollowed Out Log

    If you look through the forest you’ll see lots of tall trees and lots of shorter ones. But somewhere in between there are the old dead trees that have broken in half and look like wooden poles. These are the trees that I can’t resist karate kicking if I see one. I know it looks a little mean to kick the poor dead tree but they are going to fall down eventually due to the amount of rot and decay. How wobbly the tree is helps me decide if it’s time to give it a little kick. The trees that fall to the ground become home to many little critters.…