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    Animal Tracks

    Coyote Tracks

    As early as I can remember I’ve taken notice to tracks left behind by the forest animals. Most noticeable when left in fresh snow and alongside the forest trail in the mud. Dad was the best at figuring them out and we had a book on all the tracks from animals in Manitoba. We started out tracking rabbits, squirrels, mice and deer in the snow. Rabbits were easy to tell since sometimes they’d sit down and their little tails would make an imprint in the snow too. Once we followed the tracks of what looked like two animals running through the bush and when we reached the end of the…

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    Delicate Lady Slippers

    Manitoba Showy Lady Slippers

    Of all the wild flowers in our forest the Lady Slipper is by far the most beautiful, rare and just plain magical. I would not know about these flowers if it weren’t for my Mom and the incredible Lady Slipper she had photographed in our forest when I was little. She loved the photo so much that she had it framed and it still hangs on the wall at home. Remember this was well before the digital camera and Photoshop! Her understanding of light and shooting clean was amazing! The first sign of the Lady Slipper was usually early summer and on our walk through the forest we’d check the…

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    Deer Stands in the Forest

    Deer Stand

    Looking up at the tops of the trees I’d always look for nests or bee hives but sometimes the trees held other objects. I started to notice wooden platforms that were nailed to the tree trunks and wondered how on earth those got up there. During our walks we would come across two known deer stands that you could see from our forest trail. At first I had a completely different understanding about deer stands. I thought they were a fantastic hiding spot high up in the trees to quietly watch for deer and other animals. I’d imagine having my camera with me and waiting patiently for the creatures of…