• The Forest Fairy Cottonwood Tree

    Happy National Tree Day September 23, 2015 – Celebrating the Cottonwood

    Happy National Tree Day! Let’s take a moment to celebrate our native trees and the fact that without them we wouldn’t have our beautiful forests. Also happy first day of Autumn! Trees have been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember. I’ve been trying to think back and figure out when I became so fascinated by trees and I always think of my beloved childhood tree an Eastern Cottonwood. That tree and I grew up together and it was the definition of a grand gentle giant. Towering over every tree in the forest with a massive trunk that split into several limbs perfect for climbing and…

  • Take a Walk
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    Forest Wisdom – Take a Walk (Song)

    To complete my series on lessons I learned from the forest I compiled all of them in order with links to each page. These are all written about personal experiences and fond memories of spending time with my family through the seasons among the trees and nature. I have also included a song I wrote years ago that was the main inspiration for this series of stories. Join me on a walk through the forest and see how many lessons you can hear in my song “Take a Walk.” (I’m hoping to one day record this again so it’s not so rough. But you know when inspiration hits you just have…

  • The Sun Sets in the West

    The Sun Sets in the West

    We’ve arrived at the end of the 12 lessons I learned from the forest series. It’s been pretty fun reflecting on all of these special moments I shared with my family on our forest path. It’s really interesting how so many little things can have such an impact on our lives. When you’re young and experiencing everything you don’t really take time to understand that those little lessons will mean something later on. My Mom has been reading these blog posts and says they make her cry every time. That seems to be what I’m good at and people start to get a little emotional when they read my writing…

  • Forest Markers

    Forest Markers

    There are people who have great attention to detail and notice things that others most likely would overlook. I’m one of those attention to detail people. It’s a characteristic that I can thank the beautiful forest path for. The forest is always changing but certain things remain the same and those are the details I’d remember. The shape of a tree or a rock formation would remain the same even throughout the changing seasons. I’d use these constant shapes as trail markers. It helped me know how far a long the trail we were and what was coming up next. Walking down the trail there would be one section shortly…

  • Big Rock Winter 2010
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    The World from the top of a Rock

    The landscape in my neck of the woods is flat and you can see the sky go all the way to the ground. There are few trees until you meet the tree line and then the further you go east the scenery drastically changes. The house I grew up in was located right where the trees met the prairie so I had the best of both worlds. You would not describe the landscape as rocky or hilly. Very much the opposite but there were boulders scattered here and there left behind by the glaciers. The province of Manitoba was once completely under water during the prehistoric times so it’s not…

  • Hollowed Out Log
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    Karate Kicking Tree Stumps

    If you look through the forest you’ll see lots of tall trees and lots of shorter ones. But somewhere in between there are the old dead trees that have broken in half and look like wooden poles. These are the trees that I can’t resist karate kicking if I see one. I know it looks a little mean to kick the poor dead tree but they are going to fall down eventually due to the amount of rot and decay. How wobbly the tree is helps me decide if it’s time to give it a little kick. The trees that fall to the ground become home to many little critters.…

  • Finding the Path

    Finding the Path

    Our forest path had been groomed beautifully for years by my dad. He originally cut the trail on his own with his chain saw. With the trike and his little red trailer he would venture into the bush and haul out the trees that he cleared from the path. The trail took shape by following a giant circle with a bit of a short cut in the middle so you could choose a shorter path if needed. I could see how the direction of the path made sense as it looped right back to the house but the twists and turns that appeared along the way were all decided by…

  • Lost and Earring in the Forest

    Losing an Earring in the Forest

    You know the saying “It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack” right? Well losing an earring in the forest is very much like that. If you look down at your feet while taking a walk down any forest path what do you see? Assuming it’s not winter of course because you’ll most likely only see snow. Any other season you’ll probably see a giant mess of grass, leaves, twigs, moss, rocks, tree roots, mud, acorns, berries and every other type of greenery you can imagine. Sometimes I think of it as forest confetti just sprinkled all over the ground. When walking it’s important to watch your step and…