Agnes Obel

I posted a little link about Agnes Obel yesterday and thought why not actually add this to my Music section of the site. She is LOVELY!

Agnes Obel - Aventine
Agnes Obel – Aventine

First heard about her during the iTunes Music Festival and watched her perform live. She sat behind a piano and very delicately played the sweetest music. It instantly transported me to Scandinavia where I could envision trolls wandering the snowy mountains. This is the perfect soundtrack for any day during winter. It has such a magical feeling and I can’t help but hear a little inspiration from the Fae.

Although Agnes Obel is from Denmark her lyrics are in English. Either way the music is beautiful but it’s lovely to understand the lyrics. I encourage you to have a listen! She is streaming her album on her official website.

The song “Aventine” is probably my favorite but I can’t really decide as I’m in love with them all right now.

Which is your favorite?


Sprinkle some fairy dust!
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