Inspired by Nature , Adventure, Folklore

Over the years I’ve had a love for forests and fairies. The Forest Fairy is simply the combination of those two but it has now taken on a deeper meaning.

I escape to the forest to maintain balance and peace in my life. The visual of a misty woodland or physically walking quietly down a forest path brings calm to my world. The beauty of nature enhances my attention to detail and helps focus in on the little things when other aspects of my day to day become overwhelming.  Appreciating time with loved ones has naturally woven itself into my work. Going for hikes with Dad to take photos of mossy rocks or sitting outside with Mom designing handmade items that honour our heritage have become precious to me.

The Forest Fairy is my personal realm of creativity. You can find me here when I’m not working as a full time Web Fairy.


Professional Web Fairy

Most of my sites are built using Joomla or WordPress. I love content management systems (CMS) and enjoy teaching others to update their sites on their own. I began building websites in high school for fun and then graduated from Red River College with a Digital Media Design diploma. Since then I’ve built 200+ websites. As the web world changes, so do I. How I build a website now is entirely different from when I first started. Everyday I continue to learn and grow my skills. It’s not all magic but some of it is. That’s why they call me the Web Fairy.


A little bit about The Forest Fairy


You will most often find me behind a computer or exploring a magical forest.


Faeries, Forests, Australian Shepherds, Ginger kitties, Knitting, Photography, Scandinavian culture, Foxes, Mint chocolate.


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