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Under the Ivy Rather Pretty Faerie Wing Earrings 0

Pretty Faerie Wing Earrings by Under the Ivy

Under the Ivy is a little faerie shop located in England. I discovered the shop online through Etsy and couldn’t believe my eyes! Artist Helen Nevett is truly magical and quite possibly a faerie...

Bird Feeder Adventures in Winter 0

Winter Bird Feeder Adventures

  I love watching the birds. My dad built a nice big bird feeder for the family to enjoy bird watching from the kitchen window. It was big enough to hold all sizes from...

The Forest Fairy Faux Fur Vest 0

Cozy Faux Fur Vests for Winter

A fashion trend I’ve really taken notice of this winter has been the faux fur vest. They have been everywhere and look so incredibly cozy. During winter we tend to wear layers and this...